"We at Spartan Public Adjustments specialize in challenging, commercial, and denied claims."

• Have a commercial property that you suspect experienced a hail storm?

We at Spartan Public Adjustments LLC specialize in commercial property adjustments. The complexities that most large loss/commercial adjustments entail is not something that should be trusted to inexperienced firms. We have a long history of successfully adjusting all forms of commercial property losses.

• Already have a history of “bad claims”?

Well my friends, in most situations, that is rectifiable! Public adjusters in most states have the ability to reopen those “bad claims,” penalty free to the consumer, to examine and determine if more funds are due to the consumer.

• Having problems obtaining funds from your insurance claims?

Spartan Public Adjustments LLC has become incredibly proficient at acquiring those funds. This is achieved by utilizing proper legal channels (our years of industry related experience) and by deploying our array of insurance related specialists. We will make sure you receive your funds in a timely manner.

• Worried about being pressured into filing an unnecessary claim?

At Spartan Public Adjustments LLC, every action, in every case, is done with the intention of being in the best interest of the client. When we inspect your property for a potential claim, we will give you a detailed report of all issues that were observed at the property. If we do not think that a claim is warranted, we will convey that you.

If at any time you have questions or issues, our owner, Zach Baker, invites you to call him day or night at (815) 988-3337, because our customer’s cases will always be treated with an appropriate amount of urgency and  priority .


 We at Spartan Public Adjustments LLC are well equipped to handle all claims; big or small, residential or commercial. We will stand by you until we are fully discharged from service. You will be informed of all that occurs during the process if you desire, and we will be with you until the very end.

 Some public adjusting firms have a limited amount of time that they will spend on each case. We have successfully kept many difficult claims from turning into lengthy (multiple year) legal battles. Whether it’s (30) days or a year long fight, we will dedicate the necessary amount of time to diligently negotiate your claim.

 If damage is found, we will report back to you properly with our detailed evaluation, loss related or not, free of cost. If there is a claim to be filed, the moment you sign our (state licensed, approved) contract to represent you, your involvement will be as minimal as desire.

 We will be your point of contact. We will negotiate your loss with your insurance company (in accordance with your policy parameters). If you desire, our state licensed preferred contractor can complete all required repairs. At that point, the only cost in a fully covered claim is your deductible.

Case Studies

Hail damage to the aluminum coating is present, but that does not necessarily dictate that the BUR system qualifies for a full replacement. Based upon the damage that has been found, further investigation is required.

Here we see what is commonly referred to as “concentric” fracturing. Often when this is observed, hail related damage has occurred to the top layer of the membrane. This is one potential sign of hail related damage to a commercial roofing system, but not all hail related damage manifests in this manner.

Once again we see that there is a “concentric” fracture. But we now also see what is referred to as a “full frontal fracture”. It is clear that hail has caused damage to the membrane solely by initial inspection.

The first step at further inspecting signs of “concentric”fracture is often to conduct a core analysis (to determine if the top layer of the membrane did indeed fracture).

This specific test core analysis has yielded a positive result ( in reference to matte/membrane damage). The center of the “concentric” fractures, have corresponding stress fractures (where the hail stones struck the membrane).

Often, modern membrane roofing systems do not show signs of hail related damage. In some instances though, damage does occur (as seen on this Duro-Last membrane system).

Properties that are challenging to inspect will often be forgotten about and can even be incorrectly adjusted. We will thoroughly inspect all properties regardless of the challenges they may present.

EPDM membrane is thought to be one of the only systems that is impervious to hail damage. In this instance, the underlying fasteners (and insulation boards) were damaged by the hail. This type of damage is often missed by many inspectors, roofers, and adjusters.