About Us


I have (20) years of experience in the construction trades. For many of those years I have overseen many commercial and residential roofing projects (as a job foreman for many years).

I have been in this industry specifically since 2008. Prior to becoming a Public Adjuster, I was contracted as a Consultant for a large Engineering firm (who worked specifically for Insurance Carriers).

My time spent in the previously mentioned position, is what motivated me to become a Public Adjuster. It was clear to me that Insured’s (that are involved in a commercial claim) lack qualified representation. Quite often they (Insured’s) are being “steered” by both sides of the individuals involved in their claim.

I possess a deep understanding of how the claim’s process functions on the Carrier side. I also possess more knowledge about the technical attributes of commercial roofing than is typically displayed by most Public Adjusters.

Any client that I have represented in a claims negotiation, will attest to the fact that my firm has always put the client’s interest first. Many of my commercial clients have used my services for several years.


*References are available upon request